Stamp Collection

How to donate your old stamps

Here’s a step-by-step guide to sending us your used stamps. We’d really appreciate the support!

  • Order your postage-free envelope by calling 01413 289357 or 07833 898886 or email
  • Start collecting stamps from parcels, postcards and letters. Trim them so that there is around 1cm of paper around each stamp.
  • Pack the stamps evenly into the envelope that has been provided.
  • Fill out the accompanying form and place it into the envelope with your stamps.
  • Post it at your earliest convenience!

Alternatively, you can post your stamps directly to the following address:

Xchange Masters Limited in aid of Pyjama Fairies
272 Bath Street
G2 4JR

What we have to offer…

We have three products available for stamp savers. Pick the right one for you from our options below.

  1. The postage paid envelope – a C4 sized gusseted envelope for packing up your stamps and posting them straight back. These are for smaller donations, up to 700g / (1.5 pounds) gross weight, roughly half a carrier bag full of trimmed stamps, and are ideal for handing out to friends and colleagues.
  2. The collecting box – for display rather than posting. Theses boxes are ideal for being placed in a public place like your school or place of work, the dentist or perhaps at the meeting place of the club you attend. They have information on the boxes so that supporters know who their stamps are helping.
  3. The ‘heavy duty’ box – This is the one you want if you are posting a large donation of stamps to us. There are no cost implications for you. Once you have requested and received the box, you can fill it and then ask for us to pick it up from you if you are an organisation or business. For personal supporters the boxes can be dropped off at your local UPS, Hermes or DPD parcel shop, these are usually local convenience stores. Pre paid labels will be emailed or posted to you when you contact us to say the box is ready.

If you would like to spread the word about saving stamps for Pyjama Fairies, please download our poster.

Download your poster


How Pyjama Fairies benefits from stamps

Ever wonder how a few old stamps can raise money for Pyjama Fairies? There is a lot of interest in used stamps from artists and collectors, and British stamps are particularly popular because of their variety. When your stamps reach the sorting house they are weighed and priced by the kilogram.

Before this they have to be sorted and excess paper is removed – because extra paper will lower the value of the batch. That is why we ask for only 1cm around the stamp and not the whole envelope.


Collecting stamps as a group? We can help!

We will provide boxes if you are collecting with friends, at school or at work. These can be ordered in the same way as the envelope. One box can hold up to 7kg of stamps, which would provide more than £100 for the charity.

For stamp related enquiries email:

If you have any other queries please contact:

Thank you so much for your support!