Our Garments

We make wrap pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for children who are having surgery or any associated test. They are designed in such a way that your child can remain fully dressed when the medical team need to examine their abdomen, complete observations and administer medication. This means your child can still feel safe and warm whilst they are in hospital. Plus they are totally free of charge! We have distributed hundreds of garments so far, and the cost of making them is covered by the Charity Members, or by donations made to the charity. These pyjamas and gowns are approved by Children’s Hospitals throughout the UK and adhere to all UK safety legislation

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AccidentalVix-CKC-gown-3-balloons-close AccidentalVix-PJs-Balloon-age3 AccidentalVix-PJs-balloons-open AccidentalVix-PJs-Fish-Age2 AccidentalVix-PJs-fish-top AccidentalVix-PJs-Heart-age3 AccidentalVix-PJs-heart-bottoms AccidentalVix-PJs-Heart-open AccidentalVix-PJs-Heart-outertie AccidentalVix-PJs-Teddies-Age2 AccidentalVix-PJs-Teddies-InnerTie AccidentalVix-PJs-Teddies-Open CKCGown-elephants-12_18m-back-open CKCGown-elephants-12_18m-back