Please make sure you are aware of our returns policy before ordering. Please do not resell these garments. If they are no longer of use to you, please consider returning them to us so that another child can benefit.


Pyjama and Gown Order

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We must be given at least 2 weeks notice. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

e.g. waist measurement, leg length (inside/outer leg- please specify!) (shorts, trousers, croppies). We CANNOT accept specific fabric requests.

UK Addresses Only

A safe and effective clothing barrier device to protect both the surgical patient and the operating room personnel during their procedure. Gowns are not fireproof and must be kept away from fire at all times.

Wrap Pyjamas
Specially adapted sleepwear to provide easy access to the hospital patient and the medical personnel during their intervention. Pyjamas are not fireproof and must be kept away from fire at all times.

I give my permission for the use of my child's first name and picture for media purposes relating to the Wrap Pyjama Fairies.

I am ordering for one of the follow reasons:
1) I am ordering for a child aged 16 or under who is undergoing a medical intervention.
2) I am ordering for an adult who is a vital part of a child's treatment process, e.g. providing an organ to a child for transplant.

Postage for your garment is £3 and will be paid at the end of this order form. If you wish to add a donation please change the value of this box. If this is your first order a donation for £3 is all that is required. If this is not your first order, we ask for a suggested donation of £7 per garment plus £3 postage.