Foreign Coin Collection

How often do you find euros from holidays in the past years in your purse or get turned down at the checkout because you are trying to buy your lunch with rupees!?

Pyjama Fairies now have a system in place that means you are able to donate your foreign coins and raise money towards creating life changing partnerships!

We are able to supply supporters with neat little boxes that come equipped with all that you would need to collect your coins. The content includes bubble wrap, adhesive tape, coin bags and instructions should you need them. Each box could be worth up to £50 which all goes towards Pyjama Fairies.

The system is designed to be as simple and easy for supporters as possible. We will send the foreign coin pack to you and we will also pick it up from you when you are  ready so that you do not incur postage cost.

Download your poster

The postage is covered by Xchange Master Limited who are working alongside Pyjama Fairies to help raise funds towards providing hospital garments for poorly children, free of charge. They also take on the costs of putting the packs together.

If you are interested in getting on of our smart little boxes please contact us on the following details-

T: 01413 289 357
M: 07833 898 886

Thank you for your support!