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Amanda - Founder
Amanda – Founder

Hiya! Im Amanda and I live in Manchester with my 3 beautiful daughters. I’m a full time mental health nurse practitioner. I taught myself to sew when I discovered I was pregnant with with my third child. My intention was to make her blankets, bibs, clothing etc.

In May 2014 my third little girl arrived and she was perfect! The 4 of us were happy at home when at 2 days old she was rushed back to hospital and we discovered she was in heart failure. What followed was a blur of tests, diagnoses, complicated medical jargon, operations, doctors, nurses and hospital admissions. Throughout her time in hospital I realised that she spent most of her time naked and she would scream in discomfort when I had to undress her for the staff to give their care. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable for her to wear either in the UK or further afield, I decided to create some comfortable specially designed pyjamas for her to wear. These special pyjamas meant she could stay dressed, warm, safe and virtually pain free while the medical team looked after her.

Whilst searching online for fabric to use I met Chelsea and after some discussion, the Wrap Pyjama Fairies was born! I didnt expect such a fantastic response. I’m absolutely loving being a part of the team as I know that many parents face the same dilemma that I faced. Pyjamas seem such a simple item, but it isn’t until you see your child naked, vulnerable and in pain that you realise that the smallest simplest things really do make the world of difference.


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Chelsea – Founder

Hey, I’m Chelsea I’m originally from North Wales but I’m currently happily settled in Mid Wales after completing my masters degree in mathematics at the University of Aberystwyth. Doing my degree was very stressful at times, the work was difficult and there was a huge workload. Sewing definitely helped to relieve that stress, I found it very therapeutic. However, my favourite thing about sewing has got to be when I see somebody else wearing one of my makes. Nothing beats that feeling of pride!

Christmas 2014, I began sewing after receiving a sewing machine from my parents. I can honestly say I fell in love instantly. It helped me to release a creative side I never really knew I had. I started blogging my makes a month later. I wanted a way to document every item that I created which blogging allowed me to do. I also wanted to engage with the online sewing community, they are such a friendly bunch of people.

This is how I met Amanda. She posted on a fabric group on Facebook and explained that she was making pyjamas for children having surgeries. I decided that I’d love to get involved! I made the Facebook group and made this website too. Hearing so many stories on the group about the poorly but brave children was shocking to me. It pulled at my heart strings and gave me a burning desire to help these families in any way I could. I’m loving being part of this team as it feels like you are making a big impact by doing such a small favour.